Be Yourself, Be Responsible

Personality, Fashion, Attitude

Fashionable newspaper, magazine bags and design items created from meaningful memories that express attitude, life position and personality.

Sustainability and social responsibility is priority – supporting starving artists and people from unprotected groups.


Sigita Truksane

Idea and Inspiration

Sustainability, upcycling and no waste lifestyle is 3 wind knots priority. 3 wind knots are handbags made from real newspapers and magazines, that is coated with protective layer. Coating makes them strong, water proof and resistant.

The idea about bags from newspapers came into Sigita's mind, when she was putting in order old basement and found bundle with old magazines from 60ties. Turning over journals, she got an idea that she would like to give them second life. It was interesting to read about our past, look to old drawings and pictures.

Do you know how many newspapers are sold daily? The answer: 56 millions.

30% of recycled newspapers are used to create paper for newspapers; newspaper is also used to create cereal boxes, egg cartons, pencil barrels, grocery bags, cellulose insulation materials, tissue paper and many more diverse products.

Our solution is upcycling - effective usage of old unnecessary newspapers and magazines creating from them handbags and interior design items.  

Upcycling is reusing waste without destroying it in order to form something new. Upcycling is more energy efficient as recycling takes waste products, breaks them down, then forms them into something new.

Sustainable design upcycled handbag is made from real newspapers.

We have 2 product lines: 

BASIC is upcycled bags made from old newspapers and magazines.

EXCLUSIVE is personalized, made from customers newspapers and starving artist handpainted. 

We support starving artists and artists from unprotected groups (disable, mentally ill people or people with low incomes) who are painting products; we are paying fair reward for their work, popularizing them and organizing planers and exhibitions.

We are involving in product production process socially unprotected people groups. We take part in disabled and  mentally ill people camps, organizing camps or master classes.

All items are handmade in our workshop in Riga.

Contacts and Shipping Information

3 wind knots Ltd, Bajaru 21, Riga LV1006, Latvia, Registration code: 40103297017, +371 29497786 (LV), +1 917 6793100 (US)

Dispatch time: 1-7days. Delivery time: domestic: 2-5 working days; international: 5-21 working days